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Couleurs Berbères | Morocco

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Couleurs Berbères offers a unique and authentic experience, just a 40 minute drive from Marrakech. The accommodation, facilities and activities will be enjoyed by families as well as by private and corporate groups. The venue is ideal for special events, corporate team building and conferences.

Guests stay in traditional nomadic Berber tents, authentically decorated and furnished with necessary comforts and facilities. The staff at Couliers Berbères are Berbers from the neighboring Duoars (villages), further providing guests with a real experience of Berber hospitality and culture.

Layout of tents and gardens at Coueurs Berberes

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Tel: +212 5 24 43 34 02 | +212 5 24 43 30 04
Mobile: +212 6 61 33 55 35
Fax: +212 5 24 43 20 54


      Couleurs Berbères | Moroccan Resort | Berber Experience


Accommodation and Facilities

The Tents

The airconditioned/heated 20m² (215 sq ft) tents are attractively styled and decorated. Cotton fabric covers the inside of the sturdy metal frame, which is set firmly into a slab. The exterior of the frame is covered with authentic Bedouin fabric made of goat wool fiber, which makes it impervious to the elements.

Double Tent - interior view

Above: Double tent at Couleurs Berbères

Tents are available with double, twin and quadruple 190cm x 90 cm mattresses on wooden bed frames.

4-bed tent with privacy partition

Above: Quadruple tent equipped with internal partitions

Comforts include bedding, organic cotton towels and sheets, Berber handmade blankets and carpets, a small traditional mosaic night stand and a lantern with an electric bulb and 2 electric plugs.

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The Gardens

The circle of tents surrounds a lush garden of lawns, roses and rosemary bushes, illuminated with traditional Moroccan lanterns after sunset. Rise early to catch the sunrise from behind the High Atlas mountains in the east.

Gardens and tents at Couleurs-Berberes


Shower / Toilet Facilities

4 tiled sanitary/ablution blocks (105m²/1,130 sq ft) are conveniently located within the camp premises, providing:

Shoers and Toilets

Showers and Toilets - Couleurs Berberes

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Electric Power

Electric lighting and services cover the entire 7 hectares of the camp, provided by a 160 kW transformer and backed up by a 30 kW generator, in case of need.


Conference Facilities

Grand Nomadic Tent (capacity: 150 people)

The large nomadic tent is a part of the circle formed by the tents. The floor is covered with beautiful handmade Berber rugs. Normally used as a restaurant/catering area, the Grand Nomadic Tent can also be used for meetings and other activities -- and can accommodate sound and light equipment for functions.

Grand Nomadic Tent, Couleurs Berberes

The Grand Nomodic Tent with esplanade and bar

In front of the tent is an esplanade with a bar to accommodate coffee breaks, open bars, relaxation, dancing and event celebrations. A giant projection screen can be set up in this area.

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Campfire (capacity 350 people)

Steps encircle a central campfire, providing a cozy area around the fire. The charcoal fire is protected by a wrought iron openwork structure in case of wind.



Outdoor amphitheater (capacity 450 people)

The amphitheater provides a meeting area for corporate events or seminars, a space for entertainment, a dance floor or whatever your needs may be. The floor is a giant chessboard. The space has its own bar area and sound and lighting system for discothèques.

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Special Conference Space (capacity 650 people)

There are 3 large halls of 180m² (1,940 sq ft) each adjustable to provide 2 subcommittee rooms. Seating can be arranged for theater, U-shape, schoolroom or custom seating plans.

The halls can also accommodate other functions: dance floor, projection room, cinema area or private catering area.

The halls form a U shape around a pergola that can hold up to 500 people: perfect for the coffee breaks, privatized catering service, etc. It is surrounded by a lush garden with roses, rosemary, olive and fruit trees.

Seating inside the Pergola

Table Seating inside the Pergola

A swimming pool, located in front of the pergola, is available for event participants.


Restaurant - Leisure Room

2 buildings of 1000 m2 (10,750 sq ft) each are arranged as follows:

Building 1:
- ground level: a restaurant with the capacity of 150 people
- top level: a leisure room with a panoramic view of the neighboring mountains, provided with a pool table, fussball, mini golf, board games, etc.

Building 2:
- ground level: a restaurant with the capacity of 150 people
- top level: dance floor

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Kitchen / Moroccan Cooking Classes

Between the two buildings is a two-level kitchen. The underground level provides for storage and cold rooms, equipment, etc. The ground level is a professional kitchen area arranged to host Moroccan cooking classes.


Cultural Entertainment

Stay overnight at Couleurs Berberes and indulge in traditional Berber cuisine: a delicious meal of Mechoui (marinated lamb) cooked in the traditional way in a mechoui (earthen oven). You'll be entertained with folk songs and perhaps learn a Berber folk dance around the campfire.

Traditional cultural entertainment


Event Catering


We offer traditional quality Moroccan cuisine prepared by the Berber women with the guidance of a trained chef.

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Sport and Recreational Facilities

Swimming Pool

Aside from the private swimming pool for seminar participants, a large 20 x 10 x 1.6m deep swimming pool is available, connected to a kid’s pool of 5mx5m.

Aquatic activities can be arranged, including water polo, water volley ball and canoe-kayak races, etc.

Swimming Pool - Couleurs Berberes

Couleurs Berbères large main pool and childrens' pool

Other Facilities at Couleurs Berbères

- An area for basketball and beach volley ball, with seating for supporters
- A mini football field, serving a double function with team building games
- Two petanque fields
- Archery
- A 5 meter high climbing wall
- A circuit for quad bikes and boogies

Recreation in the Vicinity

Canoeing-kayaking is available (34 double-passenger and 10 single-passenger kayaks provide for up to 78 people). Lalla Takerkoust lake is situated close to Couleurs Berbères and is ideal for hiking, excursions and horse/camel rides.


Canoeing on Lalla Takerkoust

Proximity to the mountains and to the Berber villages provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy horse or camel back rides, trekking, mountain biking, 4x4 excursions, paragliding, snow skiing (in Oukaimeden) and much more. Trails are accessible to everyone but offer various levels of difficulty.

We also offer excursions to Marrakech (historic and souk tours) and to other destinations, including Ourika valley, Asni, Oukaimeden, Ouirgane and Essaouira. Weekend packages range from 3 days to 1 week. Please contact us for more information.


The entire property is surrounded by a 4-meter wall for security reasons. At the back of the property there are 9 huge garages for equipment storage and a garden with fruit trees.

For safety, fire extinguishers are distributed around the property according to the norms set by the civil protection services.

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