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Everyone reads the Travel Journals. They provide a much deeper insight and perspective on the African destinations, attractions and activities described within these web pages. These journal entries are contributed by travellers, travel writers, wildlife and ecology experts, local residents with a passion for their subject - in fact, a wide range of folk with direct experience and knowledge to share on a wide range of subjects.

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The Africa Journal is where travellers are invited to share original content about their adventures and experiences during their travels and safaris. Publication on this site is subject to meeting content requirements.

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Sylvia Ferguson
Sedgefield, South Africa
Sylvia is a regular contributor to the Africa Travel Project.

Arrow symbol Caprivi - 1st leg of our Namibia Adventure 
Posted: February, 2011
Our Namibian adventure has begun! Our first destination is the narrow Caprivi strip which shares borders with Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and where the 4 big rivers, the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando, and Kavango define the character of the region! It comprises vast floodplains, riverine, mixed (teak, combretum, burkea, terminalia, acacia), mopane and savannah woodland, grasslands and acacia thickets.

Arrow symbol Ngepi to Etosha – 2nd leg of our Namibia Adventure
Posted: February, 2011
Etosha National Park is rated to be one of the greatest game parks in Africa. The extensive Etosha pan is over 5 000 square kms (1,930 square miles) in size and gives Etosha its unique character. Although very shallow, after good rainfall it draws large flocks of flamingoes that cover vast areas in a sea of pink. Waterholes along the pan attract great numbers of game and visitors have a front row seat to a spectacular wild life show as they come out of the dry plains to drink. 

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South Africa

White Shark Projects, Gansbaai
Adrian Hewitt, Marine Biologist
arrow  Great White Sharks ability to heal
Research showing the incredible ability of Great White Sharks to recover from severe wounds.
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Knysna Lagoon, Garden Route [contributed by Sylvia Ferguson]
Sedgefield, South Africa
arrow Knysna Lagoon
Posted: January 2011
The scenic coastal town of Knysna is known as the Garden Route’s “Beautiful Town”. It is situated on the Knysna Estuary, a particularly attractive large body of water, providing many recreational opportunities. If you're considering a trip to South Africa's Garden Route, Knysna is central to this region.
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Photo Journal of a 12-day Tour of South Africa
arrow  Adaro Tours  South Africa.
Posted: August 2011
A photo-journal of a tour by a small group of Belgium tourists consisting of varying ages and interests. We reflect on the experiences that the tour offered, highlighting special moments along the way.

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