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Maps of Africa with country links and key attractions

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Amazing diversity - Africa is characterized by diversity and extremes, with the planet's largest and oldest deserts, endless savannas, great rivers, vast lakes, snow-capped mountains, pristine wetlands, scenic shores, remote forests, ancient volcanoes and Africa's Great Rift Valley, to mention a few. The people of Africa provide warmth and spirit, vibrant rhythms, mystery and romance. Then there is the unforgettable excitement of safari. 

Travel and Safety - Our destinations include the more politically stable regions of Africa with viable infrastructure for tourism and travel. Our standard advise is that visitors should always check travel safety advisories before traveling to any international destination, including but not limited to the countries of Africa.

African Beaches and Islands - Africa’s beaches and islands include some of the best leisure and adventure destinations in the world. Scuba diving, coral reefs, sand and sunshine, spa resorts, boating and fishing activities provide something for everyone - families, honeymooners and adventure travelers.

Adventure Activities - The continent offers an almost endless choice of hard and soft adventure tours and activities to suit visitors of all ages.

If you are the primary supplier of an exciting local tourism or 'voluntourism' product, we would like to hear from you! i.e. for local content relating to eco-tourism, adventure and experiential attractions supporting sustainable tourism practices. Publication is subject to meeting content requirements.

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      Touring Africa

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Maps of Africa

Tip: Always check travel distances (there's a scale at the foot of the map) when planning to visit multiple countries in Africa. Not only is Africa a huge continent more than 3 times the size of mainland USA but flights and transfers can be significantly less frequent. Custom and Immigration delays (and visa requirements) also apply when travelling between countries. During peak seasons, flights may be fully booked for weeks at a time.

Map of Africa showing countries

Topography of Africa

Namibia, Southern Africa South Africa Botswana Malawi Tanzania Tanzania Uganda Kenya Morocco Morocco country hotspot link Zambia  

Countries of Africa | links to Popular Attractions

African Travel and Adventure videos

Visualize the attractions and activities that await you in Africa!

Country details:

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  2. Choose a country or one of the key attractions listed below:
Botswana | Southern Africa | Okavango Delta

Arrow Kenya | East Africa | Masai Mara National Reserve | the Great Migration |

Malawi |Southern Africa |

Morocco | North Africa | National Parks, Biospheres and Reserves | The Berbers | Images of Morocco

Namibia|Southern Africa|Etosha National Park | Namibia Travel Journals | Desert Diamonds

Principe | Gulf of Guinea, Western Africa |

South Africa |Southern Africa| Cape Town | Cape Town Travel and Adventure Videos | Cape Town Beach Guide |
| Cape Overberg | the Drakensberg | Flowers of Namaqualand (Namakwa) | the Garden Route | Gauteng, Place of Gold |
| Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park |Kruger National Park | KwaZulu-Natal and the Kingdom of the Zulus |
| Pilanesberg Game Reserve | Route 62 | Shark Cage Diving |

Tanzania | East Africa | the Great Migration | Kilimanjaro | Serengeti | Zanzibar and the Spice Islands |

Uganda | East Africa | Mountain Gorilla Tracking |

Zambia |Southern Africa| Victoria Falls | Victoria Falls Travel and Adventure Videos


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