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 Africa's National Parks and Game Reserves

Vast tracts of wilderness have been set aside for the conservation of Africa's rich legacy of wildlife and natural resources. These National Parks and Game Reserves are as diverse as the wildlife, habitats and resources they protect.

Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta consist of six thousand square miles of blue-green wilderness with fresh water and emerald papyrus supporting a vast population of wildlife. In stark contrast, the arid landscape of the Kalahari is host to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a refuge for both wildlife and exotic flora.

Nature’s calendar is filled with drama, excitement and the greatest fight for survival ever witnessed on the plains of Africa. With a sound like distant thunder, clouds of dust rise off the Serengeti plains each year as great columns of wildebeest are on the move, over a million grunting herbivores moving relentlessly north and west in search of fresh grasses and water. This annual Great Migration plays out in East Africa's Serengeti and Masai Mara.

A visit to Africa's National Parks and Game Reserves is the realization of a dream, an experience never forgotten.

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Safari Info Wanted

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Nature's drama of survival of the fittest plays out on the plains of the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara Reserve every year

The Meaning of Safari

The term Safari has its origins in East Africa to describe the long sojourns that hunters would take into the wilderness. In recent times, it's a term more usually applied by the tourism industry, not for hunting trips but for shorter trips to observe and photograph wildlife. Typically, some of the adventure and ambiance of the old time safari is preserved.

East Africa Parks and Game Reserves


arrow  Masai Mara National Reserve  
The Masai Mara National Reserve (also known as the Maasai Mara) lies in the Kenya Rift Valley Province in south-western Kenya. The Reserve forms a northern extension to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Renowned for its magnificent Big Cat population that hunt the wildebeest, zebra and other plains game that dominate the Mara, it has even been nicknamed the Kingdom of the Lions.


arrow  Serengeti National Park  
Tanzania's Serengeti National Park is part of a much larger eco system embracing Kenya’s Masai Mara to the north and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the south east. The Park is home to a great diversity of wildlife including great numbers of herbivores. The word Africa and safari flash images across our imagination of these vast herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle, endless savannas and lions crouched low in the long grass stalking the stragglers.

Southern Africa Parks and Game Reserves


arrow  Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta  
Situated in the midst of the Kalahari Desert is a vast inland river delta. Wetlands are surrounded by savanna, providing a natural refuge for a large and diverse population of wildlife. Each year, the cool crystal waters rise as floodwaters from Angola seep into the delta, introducing a new dimension to the Okavango Experience. The Delta attracts birding, fishing and safari enthusiasts and offers safari activities on water and on land.


arrow  Etosha National Park  
East of Namibia's Skeleton coast is the vast shallow Etosha salt pan surrounded by grass and woodlands. During the rainy season from January through March, the pan fills with water. Dry grass and woodlands become lush green feeding grounds for an abundance of wildlife including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and cheetah - and animals give birth to their young. More than 80 waterholes fed by springs sustain the wildlife during the dry season.

South Africa

arrow  Kalagadi Transfrontier Park  
Kgalagadi ("thirstland") Transfrontier Park spans the arid Kalahari region between South Africa's Northern Cape Province and Botswana. The Park's more than 50 waterholes attract and sustain a variety of wildlife, including lion, leopard, cheetah, gemsbok, eland and hyenas. The park is well-known for its birds of prey: Martial, Bateleur and Tawny Eagles, Lanner Falcons, Pale Chanting Goshawks, Secretary Birds, Owls and Vultures.

arrow  Kruger National Park  
Kruger Park is highly regarded for its successful management of the environment and its conservation efforts of wildlife and the history of the region. The Park encompasses an area of 2 million hectares (7,700 square miles) and is a part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, made up of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Mozambique’s Parque Nacional do Limpopo and Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park. These three important wildlife areas cover an enormous 3.3 million hectares.

arrow  Pilanesberg Game Reserve  
The malaria-free Pilanesberg Reserve lies within an extinct volcanic crater. Volcanic eruptions have left behind rare rock formations and exceptional geographic features. The park is home to many species of wildlife including the Big 5 and a variety of others including nocturnal brown hyena, cheetah, African wild dogs, sable, hippo and crocodile. The Pilanesberg has over 350 bird species, 65 reptile species and 130 species of tree.

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