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 Africa Facts | Tips on Travel INFORMATION AND SAFETY

Travel in Africa will be a richer experience for the visitor armed with an understanding of the country's natural history, cultures and traditions, travel safety tips and other key information. This page provides links on a variety of topics. The Travel Links page also provides links to a number of useful websites, including:

What are the latest foreign currency conversion rates for my home currency?
Where can I find information on the prevention and treatment of malaria?
Will my electrical appliances work in the countries that I'll be visiting on the African continent? What do I need to know?
See: Travel electrical adapters, converters, transformers and dual-voltage appliances
and other useful links to answer your questions.

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Honeymoon & safari destinations Africa's National Parks and Game Reserves
These National Parks and Game Reserves provide refuge for the rich legacy that is truly Africa - its wildlife and their habitats.

Trip Preparations

Pack for a Purpose - a new soccer ball?

Pack for a Purpose

Many travelers decide to give back when on vacation. The trouble is knowing what to give back. This is where Pack for a Purpose comes in. They are a non profit organization who have partnered with scores of schools, orphanages and lodges across the world. These institutions are able to list the items they require most such as band aid or school supplies. Pack for a Purpose will list the items on their website for travelers to view. This takes all the guess work out of what to buy and donate so that the receivers are given the items they truly need.

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Trip Preparations

Things to think about before departing on a trip

10 Things to think about before you leave

There is so much to think about before we leave home for an extended period. Some things are obvious, others are not and we need a reminder. The best advice is to research and ask questions. The laws and regulations in your home country may not be the same in the country you are traveling to. Regulations change in your own country and you need to be very aware of medical restrictions, document requirements and cultural considerations.

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Trip Preparations

101 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

101 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

The age of the internet brings the world closer and with so much free information out there we fall under the spell of independence. The risk here is that not all the information on the internet is either correct or up to date and, we can often find ourselves in a mess while travelling. Sometimes we just need a professional to help; it is not a sign of weakness. It is simply the smart thing to do.

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Trip Preparations

10 Honeymoon Budget Hints

10 Honeymoon Budget Hints

When we decide to get married we have to consider how much the wedding is going to cost. Then, when the shock wears off we start thinking about the honeymoon and you retrieve the brown paper bag that you just tossed aside, as you start to hyperventilate again. A lot of the stress can be relieved if we just start planning early and learn as much as we can about the options available to us.

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Green Travel

Green Travel

Green Travel

The definition of green travel is a broad one. We all know that global warming and pollution threaten our planet. As travelers we have an opportunity and a responsibility to decrease our impact on the environment. The responsibility however is not the travelers to bear alone and the travel industry is consistently seeking new avenues to lessen their footprint.

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Green Travel

Blue Flag Beaches

Blue Flag Status - a sought after title

A beach needs to be clean, safe and have enough amenities to make it comfortable and enjoyable. Unfortunately this is not always what we find when visiting a new beach. The Blue Flag organization was founded in 1987 after the French were given an award for cleaning their beaches two years earlier. The idea has spread across the world and now a Blue Flag on a beach is a guarantee that the beach or marina has qualified after a rigorous inspection and is considered a top destination.

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Air Travel Tips

Flying with small children

Flying with Small Children

There are times when the stress of traveling with small children almost overwhelms a parent. There are so many things to think about when traveling, add a small child and everything seems to escalate. All this anxiety is avoidable with a bit of planning.

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Air Travel Tips

Conquer long airport lines

Conquer long Airport Lines

Security has been stepped up at the airports and on the airplanes and this can cause substantial delays. The delays are unnecessary if we know what to expect, how to pack and dress. Phone the embassies and consulates, talk to your local travel agent or folks who have travelled recently. Keep up to date with current affairs and you will find much of the mystery and anxiety about airport security will dissipate. 

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Natural History and Attractions

Couleurs Berberes

Sperrgebiet | Diamonds in the Namib Desert

True events that unfolded in Namibia over the last 100 years remind us of a tale from the pages of Aladdin, with discoveries of immense riches and priceless treasures.

Learn about a fortune in diamonds strewn on Namibia's desolute beaches - and the discovery in 2008 of the wreck of a treasure ship, the Portuguese trading ship Bom Jesus.

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Endangered Species

Mountain Girilla - critically endangered

Mountain Gorilla| Lowland Gorilla

With less than 800 left in the wild, the mountain gorillas of Africa are critically endangered. Uganda provides refuge to half of these. Groups of mountain gorillas are also found in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Lowland gorillas fare only a little better. An estimated 3,000 eastern lowland gorillas and 90,000 western lowland gorillas inhabit just a few small areas across Central and East Africa.

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