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Etosha National Park Camps & Accommodation

Etosha content is provided by Kruger-2-Kalahari, specialists in wildlife photography, seasoned in more than 100 African Safaris, 95% of them self-drive. We've spent more than 650 days and nights in the African wilderness. Our goal is to promote knowledge and understanding about the earth’s last wilderness areas through images and our experiences.

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Touring Etosha National Park


Choice of Accommodation in Etosha National Park

The three main rest camps are situated on the East and south of the pan. Accommodation in the camps ranges from camping and caravan sites...

Etosha campsite in Namutoni Camp

Etosha Campsite at Namutoni Camp

... to air-conditioned Family Chalets, Bush Chalets or rooms, some of which have self-catering facilities. Each camp has a restaurant , a shop, swimming pool and fuel facilities.

Namutoni Camp swimming pool

Namutoni Camp Swimming Pool

Namibia Wildlife Resorts upgraded all their facilities in 2008 and the new accommodation is superb. Each camp has its own flood-lit waterhole, Okaukuejo and Halali being the best flood-lit waterholes in terms of visibility and  game. We recommend  a stay of at least 3 to 5 days in each camp.

Namutoni Camp

Fort Namutoni is the heart of Namutoni camp. The Beau-Geste style fort no longer has bedrooms and now has restaurants and shops. The bush chalets have been renovated and they are 5-star in terms of decor but are expensive for what you get. The waterhole is not productive in terms of game sightings but can be viewed from the viewing platform in the fort, which can be obstructed by high reeds.  There is no self catering at  Namutoni so it is more like a hotel than a camp. 

Fort Namutoni, Etosha National Park

Fort Namutoni, Etosha National Park

Namutoni Chalet - interior

Namutoni Chalet - Interior

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Halali Camp

Halali camp is situated in the centre of Etosha between Okaukuejo and Namutoni camps. The bush chalets and family chalets have braai (barbeque) areas but the rooms do not have braais. The camp is peaceful and the  Moringa waterhole is superb at night. The chalets and the rooms are superbly decorated and they all  have air-conditioners. The rooms are  smaller than the chalets but are still spacious. Halai has a short walk in the camp that takes you up a small hill above the water hole, with lovely views for landscape photographs.

Halali Camp family cottage

Halali Camp Family Cottage

Okaukuejo Camp

Okaukuejo Camp is the administrative headquarters in Etosha and tends to be the busiest camp. It has rooms, bush chalets and waterhole chalets. The waterhole chalets are double-story which gives you a great view over the waterhole, but they do not have cooking facilities so you have to eat at the restaurant. The waterhole is a hive of activity and is great both during the day and at night for game viewing.

Okaukuejo Camp Chalet, Etosha NP

Okaukuejo Camp Chalet

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Up-market Lodges Inside and Outside the Park

Dolomite Camp (Western Etosha National Park)

Dolomite Camp is the latest addition to Etosha and opened in June 2011. It is situated in the previously restricted far-western part of the park and is built on a dolomite outcrop providing marvelous views across the plains to the north and hills to the south. A pathway links the 20 Chalets to the main building and it has 2 restaurants, bar, boma, swimming pool and curio shop. There are daily guided game drives to more than 10 waterholes surrounding the lodge or you can self drive. All the chalets have double beds and coffee / tea stations but the 3 east-facing deluxe chalets also have a plunge pool.

Guests who book at Dolomite Camp have automatic entrance to the previously restricted Western Etosha from both the Okaukuejo side as well as the western Galton Gate.

Dolomite Camp luxury chalet accommodation

Dolomite Camp - Luxury Chalet Accommodation

Onkoshi Camp (Etosha Pan)

Onkoshi Camp is situated on the east rim of the pan on a secluded peninsula. It has only 15 units and sleeps 30 visitors, which guarantees a personal and exclusive experience. The location is entirely out of view of current tourist routes and thus offers a pristine, tranquil and unique experience. Guests arrive in Namutoni and from there are transported to Onkoshi Camp in NWR vehicles. The camp has  a restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and a swimming pool. Guided morning and afternoon game drives are on offer and the camp offers superb views over the Etosha pan. All rooms are built on elevated wooden decks, with thatched roofs, canvas walls and large, wooden-framed retractable doors, allowing spectacular panoramic views. Each chalet has two ¾ beds, except the honeymoon chalet that has a king-size bed.

Onkoshi Camp - Etosha National Park Luxury Accommpdation

Above: Onkoshi Camp - Etosha National Park Luxury Accommodation

Below: Onkoshi Camp Bedroom

Onkoshi Camp - Bedroom


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There are also number of other private Guest Farms and Lodges outside the borders of Etosha National Park but close to each entrance gate. In the east near Namutoni these are some of the private lodges: 

Near Okaukuejo, these are some of the more popular private lodges:

and near the Galton Gate there is Hobatere Lodge and Kavita Lion Lodge.

Each day these private lodges will drive you to Etosha and you will enter the national park as a day visitor on a guided game drive. You can eat lunch at Namutoni, Okaukuejo or Halali camps or return to your lodge for lunch.


Making Your Booking

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has three reservation offices:

We have found the Swakopmund office to be the most friendly and helpful when we make our Etosha bookings. The staff members are professional, prompt and passionate!

You may want to look at the Etosha map before making your booking so you can see the location of the camps and waterholes.


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