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NAMIBIA'S national parks and game reserves
Etosha National Park Map

Etosha National Park is situated in the north of Namibia, a land of towering desert dunes, color, contrast and adventure. The dunes of Sossusvlei are amongst the highest in the world and Namibia's rich history provides a mixing bowl of cultures, customs and German architecture.

East of the Skeleton coast, a vast shallow salt pan surrounded by grass and woodlands is home to a large variety of wildlife. The salt pan of Etosha National Park provides a breeding sanctuary for flamingoes. During the rainy season from January through March, the pan fills with water and dry grass and woodlands become lush green feeding grounds for an abundance of wildlife. It is not uncommon to see a herd of fifty elephant walking along the road.

Etosha is an ideal self drive destination and a paradise for wildlife and nature photography.


Map of Etosha National Park

Map of Etosha National Park in the vicinity of Etosha Pan (© 2011 and All Rights Reserved)


Map of Etosha National Park - Western Region

Map of Etosha National Park (Restricted Western Region) (© 2011 and All Rights Reserved)

Touring Etosha NP

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