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Video Slideshows for Mobile Marketing & Social Media

We produce mobile presentations with imbedded video clips and voice/sound track. These mimic video play back and are an inexpensive and highly effective way to capture your business/special event or marketing promotion: hotel, B&B, local attraction, adventure activity or restaurant.

The mobile revolution currently underway is shifting the focus of marketing away from websites and onto mobile tablets, smart phones and social media sites. iPhones, Androids and iPads/tablets are everywhere. Mobile users are looking for what you sell in "real time" -- from their hotel room, from the coffee shop around the corner and as they explore your neighborhood.

Videos attract the most attention and differentiate you from the competition. Stream your video message via YouTube, social media site or website.

PickMeStudio collage Video of Lynden, Washington - Dutch themed storefronts and windmills

Travel, Accommodation and Restaurant Guides

Today's traveler packs a mobile device (tablet and/or smart phone) and needs access to up-to-date information that is convenient to find and easy to view. That means easy access on the road, at the airport, hotel, restaurant or train.

Holiday/Vacation Vignettes
Recapture and share memories of that memorable holiday / safari vacation or special event.

The records of our most precious memories are hiding, buried deep within boxes of photos, on dusty video tapes, on CDs and hard drives. Let's rediscover life's travels, special moments, the images and voices of our children, parents and siblings, perhaps recorded long ago. We can create a memorable gift for that special anniversary, a mother's day or a holiday greeting.

Note: The following sample listing of Video Slideshow Vignettes can be played back in full-screen mode for your viewing enjoyment. All videos below are hosted on YouTube. Slide transition styles range from minimalistic to more advanced effects, to suit individual preferences.

Local Attractions:

Historic Lynden, Washington State

[6:10 min]

Lynden - population 12,000 - is home to one of the largest Dutch American communities in the United States. The city's Dutch heritage is reflected in the signage, in the floral displays -- and in the Dutch themed storefronts and architecture along Front Street.

The video explores local tourist and lifestyle attractions -- and things to see and do in and around Lynden.

Accommodation (B&Bs, Hotels, Resorts, Lodges and Camps):

Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa | South Africa's Garden Route

[4:26 min]

Africa's first truly luxury resort, located on the Eastern Head of Knysna on the exquisite coastline of the Western Cape, is a sanctuary of privacy and indulgence created to reflect the natural beauty of its surrounds.


Local Tours and Activities:

Amy's Limousine Service - Seattle, WA - Wine Tours

[2:56 min]

Amy's Limo Service offers wine tours in the lap of luxury, to Woodinville Wine Country, Western Washington



How-To Guides:

Sending and Receiving (i.e. Sharing) Images for the Production of Video Vignettes

[3:20 min]

PickMeStudio's "How To" Guide - Sending and Receiving your photos, videos and voice over files over the web using DROPBOX File Sharing.


20% commission is offered on introductions that lead to firm sales based upon the above pricing schema.


  1. Additional charges will apply if you require photographic or videography services, a professional voice artist and/or additional royalty-free music soundtracks.
  2. Up to two free edits are included for all vignettes, limited to within 10 days of submission of the first draft.
  3. Free offer: 24 months listing in our directory.
    There is a promotional benefit in grouping video slideshow vignettes within local regions. For example, the attractions of a local town grouped together with participating hotels, B&Bs and restaurants - or grouped together along a country route. It is our intent wherever practical (i.e. dependent upon regional participation) to create a directory of all video vignettes grouped in this way within our travel guide Inclusion in this directory for a period of 24 months is offered at no cost (offer valid for confirmed orders received through March 31, 2013).

Video Slideshow Production Requirements

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