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Boulders Beach is located a short distance south of the coastal village and Navy port of Simon’s Town. Look out for the entrance to Boulders Visitor Centre. A daily conservation fee is charged for access to the Information Center, to the long wooden walkways to view the penguin colony and to the beach.

Boulders Visitor Centre: +27(0) 21 786 2329 and entry and exit times.


Beaches of Cape Town's False Bay

Boulders Beach and African Penguin Colony

Boulders Beach is a secluded cove, a small and wonderful family beach.  The gently sloping bathing beach with its huge granite boulders provides sheltered waters for swimming, often in the company of African penguins from the nearby Penguin Colony.  Penguins strut comically on land but dart around like torpedoes under the water, almost close enough to touch. Kids love them!

The best time to see the penguins is in the late afternoon when they return after spending the day feeding in the bay.

Please don't touch or feed the penguins. They are cute but their beaks are razor shark and they will bite if startled.

Boulders Beach, Cape Town

Boulders Beach - a small but perfect family beach near the Penguin Colony
[Attribution: CC-BY-SA-2.5]

The Penguin Colony is located a short distance along the shore at Foxy Beach. Wooden walkways have been constructed over the beach vegetation, rocks and dunes to protect the habitat and nesting sites from the crowds of visitors that visit during the height of summer. African Penguins are also known as Jackass Penguins because of their donkey-like braying.

African Penguins are monogamous and will usually return to the same colony and nest site each year. They will pair off and remain together for consecutive breeding seasons. Usually two eggs are laid, with an incubation period of around 40 days. Both male and female participate in incubating the eggs.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony near Simon's Town

Beaches and Penguins in Capetown, South Africa

[1:56 min] [Attribution: TravelChannelTV]

"Brian goes swimming with Capetown's penguin population."

A colony of African (Jackass) Penguins have made this beautiful setting at Boulders near Simon's Town their home, first settling and breeding here in 1983.

Humans can swim at nearby Boulders Beach but often need to share the water with the penguins!

African penguins are now facing extinction

The African Penguin is a species in trouble and is now classified as an endangered species. Some estimates are that extinction will take place within 7 to 11 years. Read more about African Penguins Facing Extinction and how conservationists from around the world have been fighting back for their survival.

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