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 Festivals, Carnivals and Events   NEAR CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA

Cape Town and its neighboring towns are populated with fun loving, hard working people who celebrate their love for cuisine, wine, culture and country, evidenced by the number of annual festivals and events held throughout the year.

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January | Cape Minstrel Carnival (aka Kaapse Klopse) | Delheim Start of Harvest Festival |
| Stellenbosch Wine Festival |
February | Cape Town Pride Festival | Hands On Harvest Festival | Nederberg Harvest Day|
| Riesling Rocks Festival |
March | Cape Town Carnival | Cape Town Jazz Festival | Franschhoek Oesfees (Harvest Festival) |
| Feast of the Grape Festival |Lambert's Bay Kreeffees (Crayfish Festival) |
April | Constantia Food and Wine Festival | South African Cheese Festival | South African Navy Festival |
May | Riebeek Valley Olive Festival |
June | Soup, Sip and Bread Festival (Durbanville) |
July | Bastille Festival, Franschhoek |
August | Hermanus Times Kalfiefees (Whale Calf Festival) | Hermanus Wine and Food Festival |
| McGregor Food and Wine Festival | The Big Bottle Festival |
September | Franschhoek Uncorked | Hermanus Whale Festival and Craft Beer Festival | Simons Town Spring Festival |
October | Breedekloof Outdoor Festival | Cape Town Military Tattoo | Season of Sauvignon (Durbanville) |
| Simons Town Penguin Festival |
November | Cape Town Festival of Beer | Helderberg Wine Festival | The Swartland Revolution |
December | Cap Classique and Champagne Festival | Malmesbury Christmas Light Festival | eMzantsi Carnival |


Cape Minstrel Carnival (aka the Kaapse Klopse)


Where: Cape Town
When: 2 January

In Cape Town, the day of the Kaapse Klopse carnival (January 2nd) is traditionally known as 'Tweede Nuwe Jaar' (Second New Year). Before the abolition of slaves in the Cape in 1834, New Year’s Day was celebrated by the Dutch colonists and the slaves would get a day off on the 2nd of January to celebrate in their own manner. The tradition of celebration on January 2nd has continued.

Cape Minstrels (Kaapse Klopse)

Photo by

Folklore relates the origin of the Cape Minstrels to visits to the Cape by the internationally renowned Christy Minstrels in 1862 (followed by other minstrel bands) and the Alabama in 1863, an American sea-going raider belonging to the Southern States during the American Civil War.  A common thread to the tale is that the descendents of the Cape Colony's slaves would gather to hear and sing along with the Alabama’s African American seamen who would sing their songs to the accompaniment of banjo or guitar. The visiting minstrel bands' influence included the tradition of applying black and white paint to their faces and around their eyes.

Cape Minstrel Carnival 2012

[4:34 min] [Attribution: Eyewitness News]

EWN has been following Cape Minstrel troupe the District Six Entertainers as they rehearsed and prepared for the annual carnival, to gain an insight into the efforts that go into being a champion team.

Today the Cape Minstrel Carnival is the longest street party in South Africa and has been compared to the carnivals of Rio and New Orleans.  

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Stellenbosch Wine Festival


Where: Stellenbosch, Cape Winelands
When: Last week of January

When visitors drive to the Stellenbosch area to taste the wines from the various estates, they typically make it to 3 or 4 estates in a day before it is time to head home. During the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, all the estates come to town and the Stellenbosch 'Wine Route' is concentrated on the streets of Stellenbosch.

The festival runs for 10 days with restaurants offering food and wine pairing menus. The estates also allow visitors on the farms and will have events of their own during the festival, including estate tours. Casual wine enthusiasts as well as connoisseurs are catered for.

Stellenbosch Wine Festival


Photo by Stellenbosch Wine Festival

In previous years the event was held in the winter months but it has been moved to the end of January to capitalize on the excellent weather that summer brings to the region.


Pick n Pay: Stellenbosch Wine Festival

[6:21 min] [Attribution: Expresso Paretners]

Graeme went on a tour of the Stellenbosch Wine route to learn more about the history of wine in the area and the upcoming PnP Stellenbosch Wine Festival.

The festival comes to an end with the Blessing of the Harvest, a 3 day wine expo and the Harvest Parade of decorated farm tractors.

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Delheim Start of Harvest Festival


Where: Stellenbosch, Delheim Wine Farm, Cape Winelands
When: Last weekend of January

One of the attractions at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival is the Delheim Start of Harvest Festival. It is also known as the wine estate produce party.

Delheim Grape Stomping

Photo: Delheim Start of Harvest Festival

Teams compete with one another to see who can stomp out the most juice from a barrel of grapes, the old fashioned way. Teams run with an empty barrel to a filling station and fill it with grapes, then a team member (or two) climbs in bare foot and starts to stomp. It is a great fun way to celebrate the start of the harvest at the Delheim estate.

There is also a kiddies grape stomp.

The estate also offers a daily program of guided vineyard tours and cellar tours. A jazz band serenades guests during the cellar tour. The tour also includes a complementary glass of grape must. ‘Must’ is the product produced by the first stage of wine making. A cellar tour allows visitors the unique opportunity to witness how a cellar operates during a harvest.

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