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 Volunteer Vacations, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Volunteer Sports coaching, teaching or orphanage work (or a combination of them) in the township schools where sport does not feature on the curriculum and where AIDS has left many children orphans and vulnerable.  Make a difference in this community and benefit from this cross cultural experience.

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. |
Telephone: 0044 1483 331551/0044 7833 208 158    

Volunteering in Port Elizabeth

This well-run, non-profit organization has been in operation for several years and benefits from its own volunteer house, transport and dedicated staff who will give you all the orientation and guidance that you need.

Volunteers are collected from the airport and transported to their placements in the project’s own minibus – important as sometimes local transport and drivers can fail to comply with the minimum safety standards that we expect.

In the case of the sports coaching (football, rugby, tennis, cricket, netball, hockey, swimming, ultimate Frisbee), volunteers coach 3 schools a day, five days a week, making 15 different schools a week subject to local holidays.  Kids range from all ages and volunteers need to keep their eyes open for any exceptionally talented kids and at the end of their stay, recommend them if appropriate for being considered to be sent to a school for National Excellence and groomed to be the future sportsmen and women for South Africa.  The organizers take advantage of the sports coaching programme to talk to the kids about AIDS, TB and other important social issues.  Whilst we do not require any sports coaching qualifications to qualify for this sports coaching, we do ask that our volunteers are sportsmen and sportswomen themselves, experienced in at least one or more of the sports on offer and, more important, enthusiastic about teaching sport to the kids.

Sports Coaching, Port Elizabeth

Volunteer Sports Coaching at a school in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Teaching can be either in primary or secondary schools and teachers are happy to allow volunteers the opportunity to take the classes themselves if they feel confident enough, following the national curriculum.  Xhosa is the first language of the local kids, so to hear you speak in your American English or English accent is very beneficial to them and they will benefit from your input not only academically but on a personal level too.  This placement would be of interest to anyone already in the teaching profession or considering entering it or wanting to get some experience.

Orphanage work consists in stimulating the orphans with games, music, singing, stories and also getting involved in their daily care.  Many of them will be HIV positive and require a lot of medication.  Some of them will not have a future ahead of them which can be upsetting.

It is possible to do a combination of any of the placements on offer or just have a taster day at one of them.

How much does it cost?

The placements are for a minimum of 5 weeks, maximum of 12 weeks and the prices range for £1,150 to £1,950.  Price includes airport transfers, accommodation, food, transport to local placements and some excursions.

For more information

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