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 Tanzania’s cultural heritage and cultural tourism
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Tour Operator in Arusha, Northern Tanzania - Book your Tanzania cultural heritage tours, wildlife safaris and Kilimanjaro tours with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd (KTS), a licensed Tour Operator in the safari town of Arusha. Get accommodation options for budget camping safaris, camping safaris, budget and luxury lodge safaris.

Arusha is the gateway to all northern circuit Tanzania game parks and tourist destinations like Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks; Lake Eyasi, Lake Natron, cultural tourism and other sight seeing tours.

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Cultural Heritage Touring

Many tourist destinations are located in villages where visitors get the opportunity to interact with local people. Visitors can overnight in the area and enjoy delicious local food and experience unique local culture with the village people. Tanzania is a culturally rich country with more than 120 ethnic groups.

The Tanzania Tourist Board offers nationally recognized Cultural Tourism Centers where visitors can learn more about the country’s culture.  Visits can last a few hours, a full day or a few days.

Activity options include cooking, eating local food, visiting farms and more. In the cultural tourism centers, visitors will experience cultural diversity such as nature, ceremonies, dances, rituals, tales, arts, handicraft, seasoned with local hospitality.

Arts and hand crafted products are very important to Tanzania’s culture and heritage. A number of curio shops available throughout Tanzania show case these, in towns such as Arusha, Moshi and Karatu.

Masaai Cultural Shopping

Shopping for curios at a Masaai village

Masaai weaves and designs

Traditional Maasai red-tartan weaves

On the island of Zanzibar visitors will be delighted with displays of local art, exquisite gemstones, jewels, handicrafts and wood carvings all making wonderful souvenir choices for purchasing. Some of the better known and well loved choices for souvenirs include Tanzanite gemstone, Masaai beadwork, gourds and spears from northern Tanzania. The Makonde woodcarvings depict African people and wildlife and Woven Mkeka mats make good floor coverings – the plain, straw-coloured versions are woven from sisal by local craftsmen.

Tanzanite gemstones and Tanzanite jewelry are found only in Tanzania and mined in one location only, making them indigenous Tanzanian treasures.

Cultural Tourism is generously represented in Northern Tanzania with venues located near various tribal and ethnic centers, such as Chagga- Machame; Marangu; Maasai- Ilkiding’a; Ilkurot; Mkuru; Oldonyo Sambu; Meru- mulala and Ng’iresi. Ngorongoro conservation area villages and Lake Eyasi bush men, especially in the Yaeda Chini ethnic groups of hadzabe and datoga are also wonderful options to add to a culturally themed itinerary.

Maasai Cultural Tourism

Maasai wearing traditional robes

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Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd (KTS) is a licensed Tour Operator in the safari town of Arusha, Northern Tanzania.

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